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- Blocking and Shoving requires Stamina
- Look below the crosshair when blocking to see your current stamina
- Stamina is visually represented as either a cracked shield or a solid shield - When an item adds +1 to stamina, it visually translates to adding a cracked shield or from cracked to a solid shield

+1 Stamina->

Melee weapons also have a blocking angle that can be seen in your inventory by hovering over a weapon and looking at the top right corner right under Stamina

Ranged weapon types will show you the amount of ammo it can carry


- When you acquire an illusion you have unlocked that illusion and cannot lose it, you do not have to equip it or save the weapon
- The weapon NAME is tied to the illusion as well. Change the look of a weapon and theweapon NAME will be changed as well
- You can use an illusion only for the same TYPE of weapon
- Illusions can be changed for free at any time
- Weapon POWER cannot be changed. It is an RNG number when you acquire it

You CAN change the weapons Properties and Traits by rerolling in the Inventory screen


Properties can be rerolled
- White has no properties
- Green has 1 property
- Blue has 2 properties
- Orange has 2 properties plus a TRAIT


Orange weapons have additional skills called, Traits

There is a limited pool of Traits that can be found, 6 for melee and 8 for ranged, click the link above for the list of available traits.

-Weapon Attributes-

Weapon types always has the same green lettered attributes